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Lineage:  Frank A. Petter-Hunan & Lino Alelyunas - Eric Bott - Bill Pentz. Plus Karuna Reiki-Rand.

Origin: Saku Reiki is a comprehensive wellness program built around Reiki, vibrational healing, nutrition, exercise, herbs, crystal healing, and other natural remedies to help heal the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Saku Reiki is based on the cumulated knowledge and experience gained from running a specialty clinic that focused on physician referral patients that did not respond amply to traditional medicine. HISTORY: Mr. Eric Bott, a licensed practicing German Electrical Engineer, began an extensive personal quest earning practitioner degrees in Old World European healing techniques including nutrition, exercise, vitamins, herbs, and minerals, homeopathy, Bach Flowers, and muscle testing. His healing interests moved him from an electrical engineer to a registered nurse working in a surgery environment. From there he came to the United States to start a new life living in a commune dedicated to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. There he earned his registered nurse license and learned more of helping others through use of diet, exercise, herbs, minerals, spices, Shiatsu restorative circulatory massage, acupressure, and reflexology.

He apprenticed under two very powerful energy workers, Hunan and Lino Alelyunas who had studied with some of the most profound Spiritual Teachers of our age. They had traveled extensively in India, Nepal. Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, Japan, and Australia gathering knowledge of various Spiritual Traditions including Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, Shamanism and Reiki. They felt there was far more to Reiki energy and left that commune to pursue this type of healing with their lives. They went from being early Tera Mai and Karuna Reiki Masters off to study in the Far East under Frank Arjava Petter, author of "Reiki Fire" becoming true Reiki Teaching Masters in the Usui Healing Method (Usui Shiki Ryoho). From there they went on to Nepal and apprenticed under a monk whose life's work was the study and teaching of energy healing. He shared with them many of the roots to Reiki including some very powerful non-Reiki energy healing techniques.

Meanwhile Eric Bott, RN. also left that commune and became chief advice nurse helping patients with life style and nutritional counseling for one of California's oldest and best known preventive medicine clinics. Mr. Bott had such success his physicians sponsored him to open up an alternative healing facility. Eric teamed up with Martin Mulders, MD, DO, Ph.D., a Dutch immigrant who earned his MD and Ph.D. in Europe then picked up a D.O. to practice medicine in California. They chose to locate their facility above Grass Valley, California high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where healers have been drawn for generations.

Many physicians referred their more difficult cases to this team. Mr. Bott accepted each new patient as a challenge to find the right healing approach. He kept working on improving his healing abilities becoming a crystal, light, and energy healer working with techniques used by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. He found himself drawn back to Reiki because it worked consistently and began to seriously apprentice with his prior Reiki Teaching Masters who had returned from their studies abroad. He became a Teaching Reiki Master himself and incorporated this wealth of knowledge into their healing facility creating a formal training program covering nutrition, herbs, exercise, crystal and mineral healing, vibrational healing, and Reiki. The program was named the Saku Reiki Healing Method in honor of the Saku master energy symbol brought back by Eric's Reiki Masters and this program being based primarily on Reiki teachings.


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